Billionaire's Sweetheart Billionaire's Sweetheart

Billionaire's Sweetheart

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Having framed by her stepmother & stepsister, she had on absurd night with a mysterious man. Finally she had been forced to outcast and away from home to a foreign country. Five years later, she returned back with a pair of beautiful twin babies! However, right of this day, she was in trouble by provoking a superior CEO who is indeed handsome but also cold and cruel. What even shocked her more is that his appearance! Not only pretty but too weird! Why does her little boy just look like a smaller edition of him! Is there any relationship between... Later, a handsome man appeared in front of her, held up her way, as well as her fast-running thinking. A gorgeous male voice sounded like a cello, "Hey woman, I am afraid you should have a talk with me about the custody of the children!" More
Chapter 893
2023-09-11 13:42