The Luna’s Forbidden Mate The Luna’s Forbidden Mate

The Luna’s Forbidden Mate

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Aurora, an only daughter to the Alpha of scuris pack with a human blood running in her veins. You can't call her timid rather adventurous girl who doesn't hesitate in trying new things. She often read books about the humans and their kind until she met one Blake, a man wandering around the neighboring to get a glimpse of how the other part of the forest looks like. It was a first meeting without attachment. However, Blake was quite smitten by her even without knowing anything about her. News later reached Aurora that her father is planning on giving her away to Kendrix. The Alpha of Umbris pack who was known as a powerful leader. Kendrix is a man Aurora despises with everything in her because he's nothing but an evil man who doesn't value his people. However, her father knew what he's benefiting from Alpha Kendrix. It's either a gain or a lose to him. Meanwhile, Blake was in search of Aurora which result him into venturing to a pack house where he got bitten by an Alpha turning him into a werewolf. Aurora has to choose between taking the fall of mating with Kendrix or going against her father for the man she barely knew. More
Chapter 24 Twenty four
2022-12-04 17:12