Their dirty plaything Their dirty plaything

Their dirty plaything

| Ongoing
Bebo Elnadi
“I’m the only one to blame! It only started as a way to express myself through my new manga and as a die hard fushoji, I had to use them. But I have never known that things might get to this. The twin discovered my secret guilty pleasure and I have to pay. The problem is that I’m already waiting and anticipating what is coming my way. I’m not afraid to be used and abused. On the contrary, I can’t wait for it.” Mila, the perfect Harvard student, has a small secret. She loves to draw BL manga, but things weren’t going well with her website. But everything changed one day when she used the two star athletes as her new characters in her fresh story. And now she had to face the consequences because the two boys were coming after her. More
Chapter 144 No. 145
2023-09-23 14:25