Taming Her Beastly Mate Taming Her Beastly Mate

Taming Her Beastly Mate

| Ongoing
JM Snap
Alexis had a lot on her shoulders. She was the fairy princess and also a demi-god. Great things were expected of her by all those around her. She already knew who her mate was too but there was one problem. Her mate hid himself away from her. Was it for her own good? Or was it because he didn’t want her? Should she wait for him, or should she embrace the love in front of her? The mate issue was not the only problem Alexis had though. Someone else has his eyes on Alexis. With one goal on his wicked mind… revenge. The Kraken, Aken, had been cursed to life at the sea by the other gods for rising against them. But with help from the moon goddess, he was able to escape to try to break his curse. His mate turns out to be the next fairy princess. But because of his past, he knew he didn't deserve her. His intentions were to avoid the fairy princess and break his curse without involving her. By taking a land dweller as a mate he could break his curse. He couldn’t condemn the fairy princess to himself… could he? But the road to hell is paved with good intentions and staying away from his mate would be hell. One that he wouldn’t be able to avoid. In secret… he would watch her grow. He would watch her smile and laugh. And would watch her love. He intended to only watch. Until one day he couldn't watch anymore. This is Book 5 in the Dr. Luna series. This book will be written so it can be followed as a standalone. If you would like to have more character and world depth, please read the other books in the series. 1. Dr. Luna 2. The Fairy's Forbidden Mate 3. Demon War: Rise of the Alpha 4. The Vampires Promised Bride #Dreame Writing Marathon - - Love Story Contest More
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