Streaks of Rejection Streaks of Rejection

Streaks of Rejection

| Ongoing
"Why are you still here? Didn’t you already lose the ability to shift? You are wolfless and worthless." Sapphire’s world changed in a snap. The woman who used to be regarded as the best is just a woman who lost her wolf because she was rejected. Sapphire lived her last five years hating the people that claimed to be her pack?but also couldn’t look at her without disgust in their eyes. And just when she thought that it was the last time she would be rejected, she met Crawford Lyall, the alpha of their allied pack. Sapphire discovers something behind his intimidating and cold look. Something more dangerous was afoot, and Sapphire couldn't let it happen. She regained her wolf in the most painful way possible. The man broke her heart, more than she could handle. The mate bond was a gift, but she sees it as a curse. Having a second rejection was already atrocious, but what would happen if she realized that she was mated to another man who wasn’t even in the same kind as her? She meets Marius Damian, a pureblood vampire who seeks revenge on the very man that ruined her life. And how would she be able to handle it once she realized that her bond to Crawford didn’t fade and now she was mated to an alpha and a pureblood vampire? More
Chapter 188 REJECT ME END
2022-12-02 22:15