His Royal Maid His Royal Maid

His Royal Maid

| Ongoing
Vickie Clement
Back in the 18th century, a series of wars created havoc in the hearts of different kingdoms. Susan, a young shy brunette was brought into a different kingdom as a maid after a brutal war between her kingdom and the kingdom of Dunab. Captured by the king's men along with other young girls, Susan was subjected into total slavery and placed to work for the royal household. Losing her family to the war, Susan, torn apart by the reality had no other choice but to surrender to this new life of slavery for the rest of her life. New to the kingdom, Susan, sent on an errand by the Queen to a neighboring kingdom, lost her way deep in the woods only for her to cross paths with Prince Alexander, the ravishing handsome prince of Dunab during his daily hunting. It was love at first sight for the both. Susan never knew that Alexander was the prince of the kingdom she served, neither did Alexander have any idea who Susan was. But everything changed during their second encounter during a royal party of Prince Alexander's engagement with Princess Genevieve of Ruhan, a neighboring kingdom. Alexander found himself falling deeply in love with Susan, and no matter how they both tried to stay apart from each other, a force always seemed to pull them together. Will they be able to change the hands of fate? And what happens when their love becomes a path of destruction for Susan. More
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2022-12-05 06:16