Eager to Hug Eager to Hug

Eager to Hug

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Simona Sam pretended to be mentally disabled in order to survive in her family where there is no kinship, only permanent interests. However, she failed to conquer the dominance and was exiled from the family at night. By coincidence, Nathan Christ saved her from danger and took her home. Three months later, Nathan, the most powerful man in the city, announced engagement to Simona, which surprised people all over the city as they could not believe the silly Simona had won Nathan’s heart. However, from then on, once silly Simona is bullied, Nathan just holds her in arms and kisses her deadly. What’s more, Nathan always paid back the one who bullied Simona in the same way. Everyone became aware that Simona could not be offended. Well, finally silly Simona need not pretend to be silly any more. More
Chapter 483 Finale
2022-12-06 21:44