An alpha for the alpha An alpha for the alpha

An alpha for the alpha

| Ongoing
Lost in love
Jonas Whitepaw has always felt a little different, and he has accepted people commenting on his size and teasingly calling him a pretty boy. For despite being a future Alpha, he isn’t big or burly. Luckily for him, his handsome face and charms more than makeup for his lack of size, at least with the ladies. Without really being prepared, he is thrown into the job as Alpha when his father is killed by the feared rogue king Typhon Bloodclaw, also known as Cerberus. Pushed by the pack and especially the Beta, Jonas decides to go and negotiate alone with the rogues when they abduct 4 Young girls, one of them Jonas' baby sister. To his surprise, the rogue King is willing to let the girls go on one condition: Jonas takes their place. What does the rogue King want with Jonas? Will he abuse him like the young Alpha fears? And what is the weird feeling Jonas gets when he is near Typhon? He can’t be attracted to a man, or can he? More
Chapter 33 No.33
2023-09-23 14:21