Friends With Benefits Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits

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[16+] How much does love really cost? Though they came from different worlds, Maia and Hunter became close friends after spending an eventful summer together in Paris. They spent the summer exploring the city, jumping into the Seine River, stealing champagne at parties, and making a pact to lose their virginities before the summer's over. If it was all fun and games when they were fifteen, things got way more complicated as they grew older. They had to navigate through the complex adult world of opposite-gender friendship. One that was interlaced with the temptation of sex and romance. Will romance end the friendship, or will friendship end the romance? And if all is fair in love and war, what will it cost to win this one? *Warning: This story contains mature content. Enter at your own risk. (wink wink)* More
Chapter 58 EPILOGUE
2022-11-25 11:30