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Alpha Isaiah

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"Isaiah..." I breathe. He's so close, I can feel his hot breath mingling with mine. "What do you want, Kenna?" he murmurs, dark eyes flickering, his hands clenching tightly on the bench behind me. "For me to bend you over this counter and wake all my poor staff up?" *** Avia has one job. To seduce the Alpha. Part of a rebellious group, Avia has been given a job to gain the Alpha's trust, so they can take him down. Feigning being another girl of Noble birth, Avia finds herself in the Alpha's estate, but what happens, it hardly what she could have expected. The Alpha is devastatingly attractive, intense and passionate. And when the roles change, and he's seducing her, her jobs becomes a lot harder to do. But falling for such a dangerous Alpha doesn't come without a price. More
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2023-09-23 14:25