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CEO's Substitute Bride

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Winter Love
Due to family’s pressure, Alyssa, a seemingly dumb and unattractive girl, was forced to marry to a cripple and impotent man. Her own mother pushed her into the trap of a devil from which she could never get away of. In despair, she was waiting on her wedding night to see how her future husband looked like. But unfortunately, a handsome man came into her room and pressed her into the bed. “Do you really want to be with my cripple brother on your wedding night, my dear sister-in-law?” She was shocked but soon discovered that, the man was her husband’s brother. But surprisingly, when the whole city’s people were pointing at her, that man came in front of her, blocking all the people. “I want to see who dares to bully my woman!” She was shocked with her eyes wide open. “Aren’t you my brother-in-law?” The man smirked, looking at her beautiful face. “Oh wife, I am tired of acting now. Why don’t we go to our bedroom and celebrate our wedding.” More
Chapter 467
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