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Wolf Heart

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Ania S
Mina has been in love with Prince Liam all her life, but he had never had eyes for her. Mina's heart breaks on the day of the Prince's wedding because she has to watch as the man she loves marries her cousin Rosalyn. Three years later, Jayden, the youngest Commander from the Nodor Kingdom, returns from war and goes to look for Rosalyn, who has promised not only to wait for his return but also to marry him. To protect the man she loves, Mina agrees to marry Jayden. Soon after their marriage, Mina learns that Jayden is not what it seems, and beneath his skin, there's a beast lurking. Will Mina and Jayden learn to love each other, or are their hearts too broken? ***** Jayden looked at Mina with cold, empty eyes. "Your cousin promised me to marry me. But she lied to me and married the Prince," he snarled. "I want what I was promised, a Dutchess as my wife! You will do!" **** Mina looked at Jayden, "If I marry you, you will have to stop seeing Rosalyn!" His blue eyes roamed her body, "Marry me, and I will never look at another woman!" More
Chapter 102 Book II - Aksel
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