Celebrity Girl Is My Wife Celebrity Girl Is My Wife

Celebrity Girl Is My Wife

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An absurd one-night affair blessed her with a precious pair of twins. Alas, unwelcoming circumstances and hostility toward her pregnancy spark her resolve to flee. It took years before she finally returned with her two children — The second child declared, “Our number one task right now is to find Mommy a boyfriend.” The first child nodded to that. The second child then thought of something and quickly added, “But what if Daddy suddenly appears when Mommy gets a boyfriend?” A frown instantly crept up the first child's face. Yet, the second child spoke again. “Hmm. How about this? We’ll let Daddy stay with us if he’s handsome. But if he’s ugly, then we’ll kick him to the curb!” Once again, the first child nodded — Their daddy better watch out because his adorable twins are now in town! More
Chapter 1065 Stung His Heart
2023-09-11 19:28